Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Guardian: Planning to Cross Antarctica by Bicycle

The most interesting thing to me in this interview is the AWD system.

From Joe Hill: High School MTB Team Assistance

Here is a message (a plea if you will) that you could post on the blog with information about how people can help, if willing, with the High School MTB Team.

I am slated to be the head coach, and I have a volunteer to be the team director in Lori Merrill who has a son on the team, but I am in need of assistant coaches, and more than that I need ride leaders or general volunteers.

NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) requires that when we go on rides we have a ratio of 1 adult to every 6 athletes.  It appears that we may have as many as a dozen kids on the team.  It would be extremely beneficial to the student athletes, as well as to myself as the coach, if I can get at least 1 or 2 adult helpers at each practice/ride so that we can have an adult at the front of the group leading the way and making sure all of the correct turns are taken on a trail, and then one adult at the back of the group to act as a sweeper.  Hopefully this way we can keep everyone together regardless of skill or speed, we can increase safety, and we don't have to waste time because someone got lost.

My goal is to enlist the help of more ride leaders than we need so that it becomes easier to schedule who helps when.  Practice will be held weekly, and sometimes twice a week, and I will need the help of 1 or 2 people per practice, but if more than enough people are able to help then hopefully I don't need to bother people about it more than once every two weeks.  Also we have a great deal of experience from many individuals in our local group and it would be awesome if the kids had a chance to learn from all of them.  I certainly do not feel that I am one of these individuals that have a load of racing experience, so I am depending on the help of others to instruct these kids.

Practice can legally start in the month of July, which is tomorrow.  Realistically I won't be able to get things going until after Crusher, July 11th.

If people are interested in helping, I need their email (call or text Joe at 208.339.1120, or email ssbikesnboards@gmail.com) so that I can "invite" them to Pitzone, which is the registration program that NICA uses to keep everyones profile information organized.  Once I send them an invite there is a small registration fee ($25), they perform a background check ($22), and they require that each individual watch a video about concussions and answer some very obvious quiz questions.  The video and quizzes might take an hour total, maybe more like 30 mins if I remember correctly.  After those things are completed you are registered with NICA as a general volunteer and are approved to begin officially helping with practices.  I'm still learning about further training from there to become ride leader, assistant coach, etc. but it may involve attending a webinar... I'll get back to those interested.

The end goal of this program is to help more kids get on bikes to have fun and hopefully help them begin a healthy life long activity.  There's no doubt in my mind that we have the resources in this community for this to be a very successful program.

Joe Hill
Sled Shed Board Shop
Sticks n Stones Biking and Climbing

Monday, June 29, 2015

VN: Andre (The Gorilla) Greipel Raps About the Tour

I think this is pretty funny and all in good fun, but I would suggest respectfully to Mr. Greipel: "Don't quit your day job".

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Deal of a Lifetime

As those of you based in the Rexburg area know, Jeff Hancock has been working hard to organize and sponsor a team for this year’s Lotoja. The title sponsor of the team is the Teton Cancer Institute with additional sponsorship form Kelson and Sticks & Stones. Of the numerous team kits that we have been through over the years, the high-end DNA kits are head and shoulders above any competition. Here is the good news for everyone who will not be riding on the TCI team. TCI is willing to subsidize half of the cost of the kit for other local cyclists who would like to buy a complete kit or any individual pieces.

Jeff and DNA have set up a web store which you can access here: http://www.dnacycling.biz/tci/
The login page shows the status of the order. Click on “order now” to see individual items and their prices.  Keep in mind that this kit is a race fit and will generally run a size smaller than non-race fit cycling gear. Our plan is to keep the web store open for about 2 weeks. Following that, the order will go into production with an anticipated turnaround time of 8-9 weeks.

This is an outstanding opportunity to get rock bottom prices on a top quality kit and to do a iittle public relations work for a very generous sponsor of local cycling.

The Dark Jersey is In

If you pre-ordered a dark S&S jersey, you can pick it up today at Sticks and Stones. The jersey looks great. Joe ordered a few extras, but they have been going fast. As of right now, there are two remaining, a medium and an XL.              

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Photo from Sawtell

I am aware of at least four group rides that Upper Valley cyclists participated in yesterday. There were probably more. I passed Bruce Baxter leading a group of cyclists on a century somewhere near Caynon Creek as I was driving to Driggs very early yesterday morning.
I met everyone in this picture as well as Brian and Daniel for a ride in the Island Park area which culminated with a climb of Mt. Sawtell. The two best words to describe the summit were cold and windy as you can probably discern from the photo. Sawtell is unique among local rides in that the final mile or so bears a striking resemblance to the climbing that makes people dread the Crusher.

From Dawn: Spinderella

Spinderella 2015 took place yesterday in Pocatello, this all-women ride starts at Ross Park and generally makes its way south toward Arimo and Marsh Valley.  It is a rolling course with lots of small ups and downs.
I rode the 70-mile portion which took me far too long.   Sometimes women's sponsored rides are unhurried--colorful, noncompetitive, and stocked with enough snacks at the feeding zones to supply an invading army for days.  I also blew out a tire at mile 64 and finished the ride on a sweet new Giant road bike supplied by the crew support Barries out of Pocatello.  It was a good day to be on a bike in an area that is so rider-friendly.  

From Bikerumor.com: Bicycle Kung Fu