Monday, September 15, 2014

"Unacceptable by Any Standard of Decency" Faux-Nude Team Kit of Colombian Women's Team

American Shelley Olds won the elite women's Giro della Toscana in Italy this weekend, but most of the talk is about the kit of Team Bogota Humana. Seeing is believing, and I guess you have to see this to believe it.

The Monster Lives (?)

Here is what I can report with regard to the Bear Lake Monster Cross:  Still no communication from the organization. Their web site is still down. No updates to their Facebook page.  But, they have activated their registration page.  Taken in totality, it still seems pretty sketchy, but it was huge fun last year.

Friday, September 12, 2014

$20 Million Impact from Tour of Utah

I am a huge fan of the Tour of Utah.  As the dust has settled on the 2014 ToU, the numbers are impressive. This year's event set new records in attendance and followers on Tour Tracker. The VeloNews story is here:

UTCX 2014 Schedule

As many of you know, the UTCX races are big, fun, well-organized events. However, this year, we have more local options than ever before with seven cross races in SE Idaho (3 in Victor, 1 in Rexburg, 2 in Idaho Falls, 1 in Pocatello). It has never been easier to find a cyclocross race. While primarily a spectator sport in Europe, American cyclocross is primarily a participant sport. No other form of bicycle racing is so fun and so accessible to cyclists with a wide range of experience and skill levels. The UTCX schedule includes 12 races starting in about 2 weeks and continuing into early December.

2014 UTCX Schedule

Schedule is tentative and may change.

09/27/2014  Race #1  Big Cottonwood Regional Park

10/04/2014  Race #2  Fort Buenaventura

10/11/2014  Race #3  New SLC Park

10/18/2014  Race #4  Weber County Fairgrounds

10/25/2014  Race #5  Big Cottonwood Regional Park

11/01/2014  Race #6  New SLC Park

11/07/2014  Race #7  RMR (Friday Night Under Lights)

11/08/2014  Race #8  Barnes Park

11/15/2014  Race #9  Utah State Fair Park

11/22/2014  Race #10  The Fort or Weber County

11/29/2014  Race #11  Barnes ParK 

12/06/2014  Race #12  Draper (Hopefully on the new cross course they are building)

From Kellen: Update on the AMA Challenge

I talked to the race director and this race will happend regardless of weather and road construction, they will have a pace car driving up the hill. I am going to do the race and would love to have a decent size showing from the Rexburg/TNR. Let me know if you are planning on doing the race. I have room for 3 more as well as room for your bike/gear if you need a ride.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bear Lake Monster Cross Defunct (?)

It is with some sadness that I post this message. Blog readers may recall my enthusiasm for and glowing report on the inaugural Bear Lake Monster Cross last year. I have had a hotel reservation in Montpelier for months and the 2014 Monster Cross has been highlighted on my calendar since a date was announced early in the season. According to Jared Eborn, the organizer, the plan would go like this: In spite of some glitches and confusion with the original event, BLMC would be back for 2014 better than ever. The participants in the first Monster Cross would be given free entry for 2014.
With the date for 2014 only a couple of weeks away, I have had no emails and zero communication from the organizer. Their web site which has not been updated in months now only comes up with an error message. The registration link was never active. Their Facebook page links to the error message. I guess there is still a chance that they will throw something together at the last minute, but I feel like at this point it will be too little too late. Most of you know from long experience that quality events do not just happen. They require a substantial amount of planning and promotion. I think the Monster Cross is an event with huge potential and I hope it is able to become viable in the future.
For local cyclists, there are alternatives for Monster Cross weekend. Saturday September 27th is the ADA Challenge in Ashton. Sunday the 28th is the Kross Kickoff in Victor.

Crossvegas Final 2 Laps

I watched the women’s race live last night and it was outstanding. This is the best video I could find of the men’s race. If anyone finds a better video or full length, let me know.  update: I guess I need to clarify that a little. I am looking for video in a format I can embed. You can watch the full content of both the men's and women's races at Behind the Barriers.  They have a total of about three hours of coverage there and the parts I have watched are excellent.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Rebecca's Private Idaho: Letter from Rebecca Rusch

All photos courtesy of Red Bull/Rebecca’s Private Idaho
Well, you sure know how to put a smile on a girl's face.
     The finish line is a city street once more, town's a whole lot quieter, and I'm almost sleeping through the night again. Thanks to all of you, Rebecca's Private Idaho had a sophomore run that far exceeded my own expectations. The course conditions, the light on the mountains, the smells, the grandeur, and so so many smiling riders: it all conspired to redraw my idea of a perfect day. As much as I'd like to think that came from planning and hard work, I know that most of it came from good people, on and off the bike, who pushed through the grind to exceed their own limits and simply have the best possible time a person can have. Again, my deep deep thanks to you all for this gift.
     I'd love to spend this whole space talking about what this weekend meant to me, what it taught me, and how it feels to be honored, humbled, excited, worried, and exalted all at once, but this is a newsletter, not a therapy couch. There are a few key points to make and we're already behind in planning for 2015, so I'll not waste any more time talking about this glow that seems to surround me and the fact that my feet still haven't touched the ground a week later
Read the rest of the letter here and see event photos here:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

From Weston: Link to Live Crossvegas coverage.

Image copyright Behind the Barriers TV
Crossvegas is only three days away and we have a dog in the fight, so you will not want to miss it. Best of luck to Tate who will be riding in the pro class. He will be wearing the dark blue Allegiant Air team kit with hi-vis yellow trim and riding his light blue Kelson bike. You can watch the race here: