Monday, January 26, 2015

Lance's BBC Interview. I Would Probably Cheat Again.

Say what you want about Lance fatigue, but this remains the dominant cycling story of our era. The link to the story below contains an eleven minute video clip.
A 30-minute documentary, Lance Armstrong: The Road Ahead, will be broadcast on BBC News at 20:30 GMT on Thursday, 29 January, and again over the following days on that channel and BBC World News. An extended edit of Dan Roan's interview will also be available on the BBC iPlayer.
Photo copyright AFP/BBC

From Jeff: A Useful Snow Bike Link: Fremont County Snowmobile Grooming Report

One thing I have learned about riding the fat bike in snow: Conditions
matter. The experience is much better when you are not fighting a soft base
or a rough surface. Here is a tool to help keep track of local conditions.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fat Bike Moody

Conditions for fat bike riding were excellent today, maybe almost perfect. On Thursday, I rode on the Cave Falls Road. The base was firm, but the surface was rough, like riding on frozen mud. It was really not that much fun. Earlier today, Chris, Tony, and I went for a ride in the Moody area starting at the end of the pavement near Lyon Creek. Like Cave Falls, the base was very solid, but unlike Cave Falls, the Lyon Creek Road had been recently groomed for snowmobiles and the surface was very smooth. In addition, the spur trails were fairly consolidated with surprisingly good traction for climbing. We were able to ride up on the ridge between Lyon Creek and Moody Creek in a couple of places and descend on a series of rollers and whoop-de-dos.
About a mile in, we came upon two college girls in a Honda CRV, stuck deep. Without a shovel and wearing skirts with bare legs and casual shoes, they were poorly prepared for the situation. Although Chris reports they had toilet paper and peaches in the back seat. We made our best effort to push the car to no real avail. Chris and Tony, were quick to realize that the only way to free the car was to jack up the corners and fill the holes where the wheels had been spinning. We used broken branches from some deadfall to provide traction and within fifteen minutes or so rescued the car, turned it around, and sent its owners on their way. We saw plenty of snowmobilers later on, but none when it would have been helpful to us.
For much of the morning we rode through freezing fog which formed a solid ice layer on our glasses and required periodic removal. We had considered riding back up toward Morgan Summit at the intersection of the Lyon Creek Road and the Kelly Canyon Road, but there was no grooming from the intersection to the west so we continued for some distance east, with the grooming presumably continuing all the way to Newdale.
Snow conditions by their very nature are dynamic and variable. And I think more than a few fat bike rides end up being kind of a battle, but today we got lucky.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Forgotten Dirt: MTB Expedition to Afghanistan

I believe this is an extended version of the same film that will be featured in the first night (Thursday Feb 5th in Idaho Falls)) of this year's Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Thereabouts The Movie

Some time ago, maybe a year, I posted a story from Tate about the Morton brothers, Lachlan and Gus. Many of you will remember Lachlan Morton from his spectacular win at Mt. Nebo in the 2013 Tour of Utah. Disillusioned with the life of a European-based professional riding for Garmin-Sharp, Lachlan left the professional peleton and along with his older brother Gus, also a former professional cyclist, rode across the Outback of their native Australia in an attempt to reconnect with something meaningful in cycling. Here is a link to the Thereabouts website which tells the story of the journey with an abundance of quality content including blogs and photos.
The current print edition of VeloNews (February 2015) retells the story of the Morton brothers that you may have read previously on the website. There are two very positive new developments. Both brothers will be racing domestically in the U.S. for the Jelly-Belly Maxxis team in 2015. They feel like this is a better fit than a European-based program. The other good news is that a film of the Thereabouts ride across the Outback has been released. I have not seen it yet, but based on the very positive response it has received, I feel fortunate to be able to embed it here. As soon as someone is able to watch this, hopefully you can give us some feedback for Jeff's Roller Video Reviews.

Thereabouts #1 from Thatisgus on Vimeo.