Saturday, December 3, 2016

Near the Menan Butte Road

I went on a ride with Tony this morning starting on the Menan Butte Road, on the south side of Highway 33 and west of the Menan Buttes. It is an area that Tony is very familiar with, mostly new to me. The area is crisscrossed by a fairly extensive network of primitive roads with just enough snow today to make the riding more fun and interesting that it would have been in the absence of snow. The only real negative is the area’s tremendous popularity with shooting enthusiasts. If you go there on a weekend, expect plenty of gunfire.

Friday, December 2, 2016

First Snow Ride of the Season

I was surprised to find perhaps 14 inches of snow today in the Lyons Creek area. Last year, Tony and I managed to get in a couple of good rides on snowy singletrack in the same area before it became unrideable, but we missed that window this year. The road had been plowed to Luthy Corrals but conditions were pretty rotten beyond that. Today was my first day back on the bike after almost two weeks sick so it was pretty nice just to be back out.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bergur In Iceland from Fatback Bikes

Bike Rumor warns that there is an NSFW moment at about 4:45 in the credits. I don't know what it is. Watch at your own risk.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

UTCX 2016 at Weber County Fairgrounds

I have a great day at UTCX today with Kellen, Greg, and KO in spite of getting absolutely destroyed in the Men’s B Race while Kellen managed to finish third. After a stormy start to the cross season, we enjoyed perfect weather again today.
I have always liked the Weber Race. The laps are long, mostly flat, and very fast on generally hard-packed surfaces. Over the years, the course has evolved to be a little more technical. From time, to time, they have included a potentially rideable high-risk obstacle. This year, it was a small drainage ditch perhaps two and a half feet across at the bottom of a gentle downhill to uphill transition following a 180 degree turn. There were embedded beams maybe 4" x 4" running along each side. Most people, even in the A Race, opted to dismount. The riders with the skills and confidence to jump the gap gained a modest advantage each lap.  UTCX wraps up their season two weeks from today although I have heard rumors that they may try to add on one additional race.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stolen Mountain Bike

Missing bike
·         2009 Giant XTC Advanced. Hardtail with 26" wheels
·         Color: black carbon weave with white and blue accents
·         Brakes: hydraulic disk.  XT on the front, Hayes on the back.
·         Wheels: forgot the brand but there is a 2.2" Wolverine tire on the front and a 2.1" Panaracer Smoke Classic on the back (that is more worn than I would like to admit).  
·         Groupo: XT everywhere but the front chain ring. It has a 3x9 setup. Note that the shift cable to the real derailleur is seized so it does not shift reliably. Someone will probably bring it in to a bike shop to get it fixed/replaced.
·         Fork: Rock Shocks SID Race. White. The remote lock has been removed from the bars.
·         Bars: Flat carbon. Both the ends are split and the end-plugs are missing.
·         Pedals: Crank Brothers Egg Beater
·         Saddle: Black, Blue, and White. Carbon seat post.
·         Serial Number:
Note: my bike has blue accents and a blue saddle.

This bike went missing between late October and the 11th of November 2016 from a garage in Rexburg. If someone brings this bike in for maintenance, please call:
·         Rexburg Police: case number 201605444 at phone number (208) 359-3008
·         James Helfrich: phone number (208) 201-6445 for a $50 reward.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Heather's Bengal Cross Pictures

Thanks to Heather for another batch of spectacular photos. Bengal Cross is the final race of the season in Southeastern Idaho. I have a photo above my desk from Bengal Cross two years ago which featured single digit temperatures and howling winds. It makes me especially sorry to have missed this year's race. Everyone looks pretty happy enjoying a Bengal Cross in idyllic conditions.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

'Dog Alley" Exit Now Extra Bike-Proof

I rode Super Butte yesterday for the first time in months. This is the old exit just north of the Lorenzo Bridge on the east side. Due to the fortified closure of this intersection, my only option was to ride from the Menan-Lorenzo overpass to Thornton on the shoulder of Highway 20. With heavy afternoon traffic and abundant debris on the pavement, it was a long unpleasant transition. The Highway Department is in the process of closing the Bear World exit on the west side in a similar fashion.
Some of you signed Jeff's letter to the Highway Department petitioning them to make some provision for bicycles at these intersections. So far those pleas appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

Taxco Urban DH 2016

Bicycle Rolling Resistance quantifies Fat tubeless energy savings - Bikerumor

Monday, November 7, 2016

From Kellen: Cyclocross adds obstacles, mud, beer, waffles, fun to Idaho’s cycling calendar
Content = embedded video + link to Statesman article