Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bike BBQ RESCHEDULED for Friday August 28th

In the long history of this event, we have never had to reschedule, but we need to do so now. The date that we originally selected for this year (August 14th) has proven to be problematic for quite a few people. It looks like August 28th should be a better option for most. I feel bad for the people who will still not be able to attend, but hopefully with the 28th we have selected the best date for the most people.
Bike BBQ
Friday, August 14th August 28th 6 p.m.
Dave and Dawn Anderson home
324 S. 3rdE.
Please bring a side dish, salad, or dessert.
Bring your family. Bring your friends.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

From Joe: At the Windmills

This is from today’s ride, about 108 miles in total: Menan, Osgood, Shelley, Sunnyside Climb, Iona, Rigby. Afterward, Brian and Justin decided to add 20 miles more. When you ride up Sunnyside to the Windmills, you know you have reached the top when you arrive at the giant landfill where we stopped for the photo.

Tour of Utah 2015: Preview |

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Couple of Great New Videos

Both of these videos have been highlighted this week on Brandon Semenuk’s incredible "One-Shot" Segment for unReal and Vittorio Brumotti at the Tinkoff Saxo training camp in Livigno Italy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From Kellen: At The End of the Pavement

This is a picture that we love to take. Just as an aside, I cropped this photo and adjusted the exposure a little with an app called Afterlight. The app was recommended by Consumer Reports and only cost something like two dollars. It is not Photoshop, but it is a pretty versatile editing tool at a nominal price.

Phil Gaimon: What does it mean to be a clean bike rider? |

IMBA Call to Action: Help preserve Idaho’s best mountain bike trails!

The VN Article on Cycling and Your Heart

Photo copyright Brad Kaminski/Velo/
This article originally appeared in the print edition of Velo August 2015.
"Are endurance athletes hurting their hearts by repeatedly pushing beyond what is normal?"-VN

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From Stephanie: Volunteers Needed for River Rock Youth Triathlon Friday August 7th

The River Rock Youth Triathlon is scheduled for next Friday afternoon (4pm) and the following morning is the RUSH Triathlon   If you are not participating in the events and if you are free and so inclined, would you please consider helping as a volunteer for either or both races?  Assignments range from manning the swim, bike, or run portions, or helping with check-in, race packet distribution, or aid stations. Swimming volunteers (to assist the kids in the water on Friday afternoon) are strongly encouraged to wear wetsuits.

Please contact our new race director: 

or his assistant Whitney at 

More race info can be found at

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Phil Gaimon: Hardest Climb in the World is a 500-Way Tie

I am on record on more than one occasion saying that Phil Gaimon is a seriously smart and funny guy. He is one of the best writers in cycling.  The following (copyright Velo) appears in the print edition of the Velo (VeloNews) August 2015.

"Fans and media love asking some form of "How hard is that climb?" They want you to say that the climb in their neighborhood or race is the hardest, steepest, and longest you have ever done. I have news for you: plenty of climbs are hard, but the big ones are all about the same. Sure, they might each have their own personality, but the worst city planners try not to pave roads that are steeper than 14 percent. So start there, add in a few steeper pitches, bad pavement, maybe some weather, and that's the hardest climb in the world. I've raced a lot of climbs like that. "Hardest climb in the world" is a 500-way tie."

 "What makes a climb hard in a race is who you're racing against, and what the race situation is. Alpe d'Huez is impossible if you're the guy trying to hang with Contador, but it's cake in the grupetto."

Watching the Alpe d'Huez Stage at 7 p.m.Tonight

Everyone is welcome to stop by for all or part of this. The Tour finally got interesting yesterday with attacks by Nibali and Quintana. Hopefully, there will be a few fireworks today.