Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why is Jay P's So Hard on Tires? Kellen Has a Theory

Three gravel events that locals have participated in quite a bit: Crusher in the Tushar, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, and Jay P’s Gravel Pursuit are all similar in that they feature substantial climbs and extended downhill sections. Here is how I would characterize the prominent feature of the descents.

Crusher: washboard

Rebecca’s: angular rocks embedded in the road surface

Jay P’s: large ruts, often perpendicular to the direction of travel

Tire failure is fairly common in all of these events. Intuitively, I would say that tire issues should be most common at Rebecca’s, intermediate at the Crusher, and least common at the Jay P’s. The number of flat tires that I saw at Rebecca’s this year seems to support that hypothesis. However, based on an unscientific sample of the Rexburg crew, I think we have had more tire problems/tire problems per mile at Jay P’s than at either of the other two.

Kellen offered an explanation that seems very plausible to me: bunnyhopping.  He and I are both pretty sure there is more bunnyhopping at Jay P’s given that nature of the obstacles. Presumably, the hard landings are causing more pinch flats for people running inner tubes and bead burps on tubeless tires than the rocks and washboard encountered elsewhere.

We are curious to hear your feedback. Do you believe that tire trouble is actually a bigger problem at Jay P’s? What do you think about the bunnyhopping explanation? Does someone have another explanation?




Saturday, September 24, 2016

Jay P's Gravel Pursuit 2016

Jay P’s Gravel Pursuit, which offers 60 and 120 mile options, is on my short list of favorite events. Median times for the two distances are around 4.5 hours and 10 hours. All of the Rexburg locals opted for the 60 mile option again this year which, especially this late in the season, is a good call in my opinion. Everyone had a solid day on the bike. It is probably no big surprise that Shae managed to get onto the podium.
We started the day in cool misty conditions. It was 33 degrees at the top of Baker Draw. Leaving Pond’s Lodge on the Old Chick Creek Road, there were a lot of deep puddles and standing water, but the recent rain made most of the course much smoother and faster than in previous years.
Today was the day that my Clement MSO Tubeless tires finally let me down. I popped a bead on my front tire on the second descent of the Chick Creek Road. My CO2 froze solid when I tried to deploy it and I was mostly unsuccessful in reseating the bead. I limped in to the finish on a mostly flat tire.
I guess it goes without saying that gravel racing is hard on equipment and on balance we were lucky today to not have a mechanical failure that prevented anyone from finishing.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Madison Composite Team Photo

There are high-quality versions of this photo pending. This is a quick one that I snapped with my phone. Good luck to Madison Composite at Magic Mountain this weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tonight! Watch Live: 2016 CrossVegas UCI World Cup Live Streaming Video - Cyclocross Magazine

Update: I am sorry to overpromise on this one. The live stream is blocked in the US. The event is not streaming on NBC Sports Gold. Apparently NBC Sports is a different app. Seriously?!

TNR Moving to 5:30

Beginning next Tuesday, September 27th, the Tuesday Night Ride will be moving to 5:30 to take advantage of the available daylight. Please help spread the word about the time change.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Targhee HS Race

Thanks, Morris for the photos
What a weekend we just had at Grand Targhee!  Hope everyone had as much
fun as I did!  I was extremely proud of everyone's efforts on their bikes
and thankful to all the volunteers and families that helped make this
weekend run smoothly.  I was also stoked that Hal Miller (Mr announcer man)
pointed out that our team was cheering the loudest, and that we were
cheering for EVERY team!  Nice work!  Also rad that our team got 6th for
the day!  Our best team score yet!                               Joe Hill

Nairo Quintana Receives a Hero's Welcome in Bogota |

Big countries like the United States have won so many things we feel entitled and/or get tired of it. Winning a major sporting event has more meaning in a lot of other places.
Nairo Quintana with the crowds on Colombia

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Official 2016 Cube Poster

I distributed quite a few of these to area bikes shops on Tuesday. If anyone would like to place a few additional Cube posters, please let me know.

Moose Cross is Coming!

Moose Cross is Coming! October 15&16

Please mark you calendars and join Mountain Bike the Tetons and the Fitzgerald's Cycling Team for a fantastic weekend of cyclocross in beautiful Victor, ID!

Moose Cross is a month away. We've made some changes this year that should have you rushing to register!
What's new?
Moose Cross was already great. But, we thought a few things could make it even better so some changes are afoot. We've made a few tweaks that will make your racing experience better.
Moose Cross is now run by Mountain Bike the Tetons and the Fitzgerald's Cycling Team. All race proceeds will support the MBT Trail Fund and local cycling advocacy efforts.
Racer Changes
Pro payout $$$.
Numbers on the body.
Pavement start.
Double sided pit.
FREE registration for first-time female racers (18 & under race free, too!).

Racer and Spectator Experience
Food and beverages on site from Nom Nom doughnuts (Saturday), Grand Teton Brewing, Picnic JH and more!
Sweet Moose Cross branded wool socks from Save our Soles.
After party at Grand Teton Brewing right across the street.
2 new pump tracks and dirt jumps next to the start to pass the time between races.
Amazing prizes and give always from our sponsors Hoback Sports, Peaked Sports, Fitzgerald's Bicycles, Picnic, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Revolution Indoor Cycling, Creative Energies and Grand Teton Brewing.
Same Ol' Awesome Features
The whoops, the run-up, the twisty berms and challenging features.
A free kids race on Saturday.
Membership in the Wild West Cross Series.
The ultimate family and spectator friendly event!
For full information, race schedules, lodging, etc. please visit our website at
Help us out and register early, save some $$ and get a better call up here:

Please like our Facebook page for daily updates and cross stoke. We will certainly need volunteers and opportunities will be posted there as well:
Photos more your style? See our Instagram at @moosecx
We are open to suggestions as well. How can we make your cross experience more awesome? Hit us up at or

Our stoke is high, we're warming up the cowbells and we're excited to roll out the course tape for an amazing weekend! We hope to see you there.
- Amanda Carey, Mountain Bike the Tetons Executive Director
- Pat Kearney, Fitzgerald's Cycling Team
(Moose Cross Co-Promoters and Directors of Stoke)

Cheers to a bang up weekend at Rebecca's Private Idaho!


I've had the privilege of traveling the world and explore new destinations each year, but at the end of the day there is nothing quiet like coming home to Ketchum, Idaho. After your weekend at Rebecca's Private Idaho, you might just now understand what I've been talking about. Each year I look forward to sharing my town with you all, and if you ask me, this was our best year yet. From the Wagon Days Parade to Galande Quaffing it seems like the party never ended. We set a new record with 550 registered riders, gave over $4,000 to each of our charity partners, and the weather gods were kind enough and saved the snow for Monday. I sure hope you had as much fun as I did!

Stay tuned for registration information in January! Here come's year five!

Happy Trails,

Monday, September 12, 2016

From Joe Hill: Clint Mortley Returns to Lotoja Podium

Until I heard it from Joe about 20 minutes ago, I had not even realized that Clint had ridden Lotoja this year. Even following a tough year do not bet against Clint at Lotoja. A big congratulations on a fine second place finish from all your friends in Rexburg!

From Clint's Facebook:
From a hospital bed to 2nd place at LOTOJA. I have the two toughest teammates Micheal and Darren. Shoutout to the Ogden riders helping get back into shape. I love this event and being able to participate in it was a miracle in its self. O yea Zan straight killed it as support. #bikesareawesome