Thursday, May 21, 2015

inCycle Video: Remembering Fausto Coppi + Much More

Maybe the best way to celebrate the Giro is with a Coppi retrospective. You could spend an entire day watching Fausto Coppi videos. In addition to a short English language video introduction, I have included three longer documentaries, one in English, Spanish, and Italian.

VeloNews: Praise for the Idaho Stop

Monday, May 18, 2015

If the Wild Horse Had Gone Off as Scheduled

Take a look at the photos on their Facebook page!

Jens Voigt on the Struggles of Retirement


From Weston. 30% Pactimo Discount Coupon

At the beginning of the season I sent my cycling resume to Pactimo cycling apparel to be a Brand Ambassador for them. I was lucky enough to be chosen and have been riding their new line of bibs and jerseys for the past couple months. The quality is on par with any other high end kit I have tried and better than some team kits I've ridden/raced. Pactimo is based out of Colorado and they make a lot of custom kits for pro teams around the country.
They have given me business cards with a promo code to hand out to friends. The promo code is: BA15DUN
That will give anyone 30% off their first order from Pactimo. They also give you points for creating your login which equate to about $12.50. So, between those two you can get a set of bibs for around $60! 
Hopefully this is beneficial to a few guys in Rexburg. I wish I was there personally to hand out some of the promo cards but I'll see you guys at Crusher!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wild Horse Plan B

Tim, Kellen, Joe, and I were all registered to ride the Wild Horse on Saturday and were not too happy when the organizers rescheduled the event based on an ominous forecast.  In light of Saturday’s weather they absolutely made the right call.  Regrettably, I will not be able to be there for the new date May 30th.  Hopefully, the organizers will get good support and be able to put on a successful event.  Since Kellen, Joe, and I all had other obligations in Salt Lake this weekend, we agreed to meet Tim for a road ride on Saturday morning as an alternative to the Wild Horse.
It was cold and raining when we started, but we pressed on with the irrational optimism that conditions would improve.  After a little side trip to Tibble Fork Reservoir, we started up the Alpine Loop with only brief interruptions in the rain.  As we climbed, the rain gradually changed to snow.  The temperature at the top was 38 degrees Fahrenheit.  There is one lesson that we should have learned over many years of similar misadventures, including Fish Creek.  It is not that big a problem to climb in a storm.  You generate a lot of heat and are not really moving that fast.  The time you get into trouble is on the descent.  The upper portion of the Alpine Loop was still gated and closed to traffic which generally was a positive thing.  However, the downside is that parts of the road were littered with a substantial amount of rock fall which had not been cleared from the winter.  On the way down, we maintained a high level of vigilance for the bigger rocks which could have resulted in immediate catastrophe.  But we were also pretty attentive to the smaller rocks because no one was eager to attempt a tire change given the state of our cold hands. 
By the time we reached the Ranger Station at Timpanogos Cave, we were pretty desperate to get out of the weather.  We went in, took off our wet jackets and soaking shoes, and drank the hot chocolate they offered us.  Thoroughly soaked and shivering, we decided our best option was to cut our losses and call for a rescue.  Since there was no cell service in the canyon, I borrowed the phone in the Ranger Station.  Dawn was comfortably ensconced in a restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City with Thomas and Claire when her phone rang.  Seeing an unfamiliar number she promptly ignored it.  With no rescue forthcoming and against the better advice of the rangers, we put all the wet clothes back on and went back out into the storm which had only intensified during our stop in the Ranger Station.  We rode the last couple of miles out of the canyon in an icy blinding downpour. 
Conditions began to improve by the time we got to the Suncrest climb.  The final ten miles from Tim’s house to the hotel were largely downhill.  The rain had mostly stopped and it was at least twenty degrees warmer.  By the time I arrived, the bad parts of the ride were already fading in my memory.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

From Scott Hurst. Cold Rolled Fat Bike.


From the Wild Horse Organizers: Event Postponed

Participants in The Wild Horse and the Little Wild Horse:
The Wild Horse has been postponed!
The BLM has strongly advised us to not hold the event this Saturday, May 16, because of weather concerns. The event date has been moved to Saturday, May 30.
While the predicted amounts of rain might seem trivial, there are portions of roadways in the Cedar Mountains that become impassable to vehicles when they are wet. These are small portions, perhaps as few as four or five miles in the entire 76 mile route, but there is not a viable alternate route.
The current forecast shows a greater than 60 percent chance of rain during the event. We cannot take the chance of having any riders and volunteers unable to get off the course. 
I am sorry for this call. It was difficult to make, but participant and volunteer safety is the top priority.
The plan is to hold the event on Saturday, May 30. Same location, same times, same taco truck finish. We hope you can be there.
But I also know that some of you will not be able to make this date. Should you choose to transfer your entry to a friend or take a rain check for 2016, please send me an email. If that will not work and you need a refund, please send me an email. 
Registration will reopen for those who were interested in being a part of The Wild Horse but could not take part on May 16.
I apologize for the inconvenience this causes. I know all of you made plans for travel, child care, etc., based on the May 16 date. The call to postpone was not easy.
Why all the way to May 30? The forecast for the next week has rain, rain and more rain. Last Saturday many weather stations in the Cedar Mountain/Skull Valley area had record rainfall, so the ground is already wet. May 23 is the start of Memorial Day weekend (yup, Memorial Day is Monday, May 25), so BLM was not eager to see us out there, as there will be many campers and motorized vehicle traffic. 
 Thank you for your understanding. Hope to see you on May 30! If that date works for you, no need to respond to this email. (There are 126 of you!)
As always, updated information can be found at and
Chris Magerl

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crusher Registration Available for Resale

Unlike many other events, the Crusher allows registration transfers when a registrant is unable to participate as scheduled. We currently have access to a transfer from a local cyclist who will be unable to do the Crusher this year.  He is willing to resell his registration to someone from the area before he puts it back in the general listing on the Crusher website. If you would like to take advantage of this transfer, please contact me and I will put you in touch with him.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pat Laughlin BMX Bike to Bike Transfer

KSL Investigates: Why'd You Steal My Bike?

Bicycle thefts have risen sharply in Salt Lake City in recent years.  A KSL reporter puts a GPS tracker on his bike to see where it goes after it is stolen.  If you have a few minutes, it is a fairly interesting video.  Unfortunately, I am unable to embed it here.