Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Start of the TNR, Saturday Ride, Lotoja, Sled Shed Kit

I hope the winter has treated everyone well. I am planning to use email sparingly again for 2018 and to communicate primarily through the Rexburg Cycling Blog and Facebook, but here are a few announcements to start the season.
<· The Tuesday Night Ride season will begin Tuesday March 13th at 6 p.m. at Sticks and Stones/Sled Shed (more on that in a minute). Early season rides are subject to cancellation for dangerous weather conditions. If the weather seems too bad for a club ride, please consider the ride cancelled.
<· If you are interested in riding Lotoja either as an individual or team, please contact Jeff to discuss issues of organization and sponsorship.
<· A number of people have asked if we can get some Saturday rides going. We missed a great opportunity last Saturday, but I was out of town and other people had obligations as well. The forecast does not look great for the next two Saturday’s, at least not good enough to put a specific plan in place. We will continue to watch the forecast and may put out a last minute invitation via the Blog and Facebook. If you have a high level of interest in a road ride Saturday, please drop me a text or get in touch with me.
<· Joe is putting the final touches on a new 2018 Sled Shed kit. I have seen the mock-ups and it is incredible-more information on that to follow as details are finalized. As a marketing decision, Joe will be emphasizing the Sled Shed name and de-emphasizing the Sticks and Stones name. The new kit will reflect that. Plus we need to get used to saying that the TNR meets at Sled Shed.
<· Mark your calendar for the Cube Saturday October 20th.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tour of Utah Summer of Cycling











tourof utah.jpg





Friday, February 2, 2018

From The Banff Film Festival: Where the Wild Things Play

There is minimal cycling in this video, but it is entertaining with a retro Cake soundtrack and a white Chrysler Le Baron from Pocatello.

Team USA Previews CX Worlds

I am looking forward to the CX Worlds Coverage on NBC Sports Gold as well as the extensive coverage provided by Cyclocross Magazine:  As far as the preview video is concerned someone will need to watch it for me. The POV video makes me too motion sick.