Sunday, December 27, 2015

Another Cycling Classic: The Impossible Hour


A Sunday in Hell/The Stars and the Water Carriers

Same story here… I believe I posted these links previously, but these films are true classics.

La Course en Tete (1974) Available on YouTube

I think there is a pretty good chance that I posted a link to this outstanding video some time ago, but even if that is the case, it merits a repost. Giving credit where credit is due, I had not thought about this feature length 1974 Merckx biopic for a while until posted a link to the full length version today. I purchased La Course en Tete years ago on DVD from World Cycling Productions and enjoyed it a great deal.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Fat Biking Around Salt Lake City: Where the Rubber Meets the Snow.

*photo credit
I talked to Tim today and was pretty excited to hear about extensive fat bike trail grooming in the Salt Lake City area. Follow the link for a guide to the SLC area fat bike trails.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Svenness 4.2 From In the Crosshairs. Sven vs. Wout vs. Mathieu at the Koksijde World Cup

This is a 22 minute video of Koksijde highlights and commentary. I posted a shorter highlight video of the same event about three weeks ago. Even if you watched the earlier video, consider watching Svenness 4.2

GCN Five Worst Team Kits of all time


Hurricane Components Fork Up

Scott Hurst was the first to find the Fork Up adaptor. Joe ordered it for me. It allows you to transport a fat bike with a traditional roof rack.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

TaggioPro Pump Head

Here it is. I think I mentioned this device on the blog a while ago. The TaggioPro is a pump head designed for reliability, secure seal, and ease of use with both Schrader and Presta valves. I purchased a TaggioPro some time ago from the first production run as part of a Kickstarter campaign. It was originally known as the RapidoPro, but the name had to be changed due to a copyright issue.
So how good is it? The proof will come from months and years of use, but my first impressions are very favorable. So far, it seems to do what it has promised to do. You can read more at their website:

Iceland Traverse with Hans Rey and Steve Peat


Bike Rumor's Best Videos of the Week. Sagan MTB, True Life Midfat


GCN: Best Tech of 2015

GMBN: Are Fat Bikes Fast

This video was featured on VeloNews yesterday as well as the GCN Tech of the Year Video

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Kelton at Rocky Mountain Cross Regional Championships

Kelton traveled to Longmont Colorado today to compete in the Rocky Mountain Cyclocross Championships. You can read more about the event here: Kelton raced up an age group in an attempt to gain more points for a potential invitation to Cross Nationals as well as a better starting position.  Based on a very solid finish in an older age group which included national champions, there is an excellent chance he could have won his own age.
Brian reports that the Longmont Race was a top quality event, highly competitive and well organized. The rider in the background of this photo is Gage Hecht, one of the world’s top junior cyclocross racers. He finished fourth at the 2015 Junior World Championships.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Jay P's Fat Pursuit: December 19th/January 8th-11th

December 19th event is 60 K
January 8th to 11th event offers 200 K and 200 mile options

Fat Bike Events at Grand Targhee

Global Fat Bike Day Saturday December 5th
Fat Bike Race #1 Sunday December 13th
Fat Bike Race #2 Night Race Saturday January 16th

Global Fat Bike Day at Harriman

From Harriman State Park: Global Fat Bike Day 2015 is being celebrated here this Saturday, December 5 from 9-3 pm. The day begins at 10 am with various rides for all abilities starting from the Jones House, which will serve as a warming hut for riders to warm by the fire. Fitzgerald's Bicycles will also have their rental fleet of 7 bikes available for short demo rides. Hopefully you're able to join us; it's going to be an awesome day at Harriman State Park of Idaho!