Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shopping For a Razor

I feel like I should preface this post with a little disclaimer.  This is not a multi-level marketing opportunity.  I will not make a dime from it.  You may reasonably be wondering why I am writing a post on a cycling blog about razors in the first place.  For most cyclists, their biggest shaving challenge is not necessarily their face.  I have always had a casual interest in finding the perfect razor.  A few weeks ago, I read an article in The Washington Post about 800razors.com.  You can read the story here if you are interested: http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/entrepreneur-phil-masiello-builds-big-dreams-on-a-razors-edge/2013/11/10/6fe6883e-464e-11e3-a196-3544a03c2351_story.html

     Here is the basic story.  The founder of the company was sick of paying $5 a piece for replacement razor cartridges.  He was convinced that he could offer quality razors directly to the consumer at much lower prices (ten cartridges for $17.99 delivered to your door).  So here's the deal.  The company offers three products; a five-blade razor, a three-blade razor, and a five-blade women's razor.  The first order comes with a free handle.  Shipping is fast and free.  I ordered the three and five-blade models and have been doing a little demo.  These are high quality, ceramic-coated, American made razor blades.  They are at least as good as any other blade I have tried, maybe better.  In my opinion, the head of the five-blade razor is a little too bulky to be ideal for the face, but it's great for your legs.  If you are interested in trying this product, I would recommend the three-blade for your face, the five-blade for your legs.  For that matter, maybe you should try the women's model for your legs.  I'm just not sure I could be comfortable using a pink razor.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Decision Time for the Crusher

Registration for the Crusher in The Tushar opens at 7 p.m. on Wednesday January 8th.  It will fill up fast.  The Crusher is epic, which is shorthand for saying three things:  it is unreasonably difficult, surprisingly painful, and very memorable. 
     The pro video from last year's race is protected by privacy settings that do not allow me to embed it, but you can see it here:
Image Copyright CyclingUtah.com

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yeah. This is a Real Thing.

Before you laugh, take a look at the video.  If you have ever crushed a helmet in a crash, or worse had a bad crash without a helmet, this starts to seem like an idea with real merit.
Copyright Hovding/The Daily Beast

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ultimate Challenge Newsletter. Deep Discounts for Early Registration.


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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fat Bike Race at Grand Targhee

Grand Targhee Resort hosted its annual fat bike race on Saturday.  Bart and Cobe Miller were there, so you should be able to find a report on Bart’s blog.  Here is a very cool video from last year’s race, but if you are like me, plan on some motion sickness when you watch it.

2012 Grand Targhee Snow Bike Race from Dave Byers on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Idaho State CX Championships

Here are a couple of images from Boise.  Tate’s day included a hard crash in practice, tires that were ill suited to a very muddy course, and more bad luck than good luck.  I think this is something that bears repeating:  there are an almost infinite number of things that can go wrong in any bike race.  Conversely, to win that race, most of those things have to go your way.  Sometimes in spite of your best efforts, that does not happen.  Nevertheless, Tate reports it was still a good effort and a fun day.  I think it is safe to say that all of the area cyclists are proud of Tate and how well he has represented the area throughout a long and successful cross season.


Friday, December 13, 2013

What Cyclocross Feels LIke

DNA Cycling posted this image from the UTCX Weber Country Fairgrounds Race on their Facebook page.  Best of luck to Tate tomorrow in the Idaho State Cyclocross championships in Boise.

Image copyright DNA Cycling

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weston Reports on Twin Falls CX

Thanks Weston for this report.  It takes a tough guy to race cross in the snow at 14 degrees and to think it was a good experience.  From my perspective, this looks like a good day to run a mountain bike with underinflated knobbies.
I heard about the Twin Falls CX series at Idaho Fall’s Blue Goose CX from Tony’s friend Scott Scholes. This Saturday was the 4th race of their 6 race series that started in mid-October. Each race has a kid’s race, a 30 min race and a 1 hour race with an A and B group.
      This week’s race was in Hazelton around the Valley High school track/football field. It was a pretty technical course with quite a few 180° turns and two different sets of barriers. The course was very well marked despite the snow showers and 14°F weather. Because of the weather they started the race early which only gave me time to do one practice lap to warm up (not ideal) and they raced all the groups together. I counted about 30-35 racers at the start.
      The race started on a short flat that went into the side of a hill where we turned left onto the hillside and struggled to get through a few off camber turns that most of the field could not manage. I decided to run this section mostly and I think I was better off running than trying to ride it in the snow. After a turn around a telephone pole we headed down the steep hill into the first set of barriers and then two tight 180° turns. Then a short sprint put you back on the hill side then down into a long snow drift that came up well over my wheel axle. A few technical sections and turns later the second set of barriers was placed on a slight uphill into the wind. After the second set of barriers there was straight away where you could build some speed if you were willing to fight the wind. After that there was a steep and slippery run up and then a slick steep hill with a tight right hand turn at the bottom to finish out the lap.
      The course was a blast but I don’t think I managed a single lap without falling at some point. The snow was just incredible. The rest of the field must have had the same troubles as me though because I won the B group and took 4th overall in the A group. The group was super friendly and many of them introduced themselves to me and told me about the other races that they had going. I would definitely recommend going to the other two races that they have scheduled if you can make it. The next race is at Thompson Park in Twin falls on Dec. 21 and the final race is at Rock Creek Park in Twin Falls on Jan. 11. Sadly, I won’t probably make it to either of those races but I am happy ending my season with this race.
Weston Dunn 
 "It never gets easier, you just go faster."
                                   ~Greg LeMond


Saturday, December 7, 2013

You Should Subscribe to VeloNews

Over the years, I have subscribed to a number of bicycle magazines, including a very long running subscription to Cycle Sport which I finally allowed to lapse this year.  (Cycle Sport is a fine magazine, but I am feeling a little bit too much pro cycling fatigue to renew right now).  Maybe every new cyclist should subscribe to Bicycling for a while, although I think they have published the same issue every month for the past 25 years.  One of the cover stories is always a variation of "How to Get Fit and Fast".  (Answer: ride your bicycle).

     Of all the cycling related publications available, one is head and shoulders above the competition:  VeloNews.  In my experience, it is the single best source for information about professional racing, amateur racing, training, nutrition, technical info & reviews, and bike culture. Print journalism in every form (newspapers, magazines, etc.) is struggling.  There is abundant free quality content available at any time on the internet.  I have often referenced velonews.com and cyclingnews.com, arguably the two best online providers of cycling content, in this blog.  VeloNews is fighting that trend and I hope they can be successful.  In addition to the race results and daily news available on velonews.com, a large quantity of premium content is reserved exclusively for the print version of the magazine.  The current issue contains analysis of a trend (that I have commented on in this blog) of fondos replacing racing in the U.S. Among other topics, it tells about the quiet retirement of the pro cyclists of the epo generation, and contains a feature about 10 epic "Rides of Passage" including the Leadville 100.  The depth and quality of its technical coverage, including features by long-time contributor Lennard Zinn, and the science-based product reviews are unparalleled.

     If you are considering subscribing, there is no time like the present.  VeloNews is offering a buy one, get one free holiday promotion.  You can get together with a buddy and get two one year (14 issues) subscriptions for $29.95.  The offer is available here:  www.velonews.com/gift

Monday, December 2, 2013

How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation

One some level, I believe that Thanksgiving has lost much of its significance as an opportunity for giving thanks and serves mainly as a marker for the start of the holiday shopping season.  It feels a little obvious to say that I am thankful for my family and friends and the many small pleasures in life, because we all are.  Cycling is not the most important thing in my life, but at the same time, I try not to take it for granted.  I feel fortunate to have gotten in three good quality road rides over the long weekend and that a number of you were able come along as well.  Here are a few more of Jeff’s pictures from the Friday ride.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Cycling

Thanksgiving weekend presented local cyclists with a treat this year: favorable temperatures, minimal wind and the long rays of winter sunshine.  A few hardy souls enjoyed a pre-meal ride on Thanksgiving morning.  We started in the frigid range and warmed to tolerable over the course of the ride.  The following day we enjoyed the warming effects of the afternoon sun and the views from the upper Rexburg benches.

Not a bad way to bring November to a close.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Bart Miller's Cycling Strong Website

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Thanksgiving ride yesterday.  I visited with Bart about his Cycling Strong website.  He has put a lot of work into developing content, including things like how-to videos and gear reviews.  If you have not had a chance to take a look the website, the link is here.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tate's Report from the Boise Race

I am going to preface this post with an editorial comment.  When I write about my own experience in a race or event, my goal is to share some information that may be helpful to other people who are considering doing the event in the future and to comment from the perspective of a regular guy on a bike.  In contrast, Tate's race reports tell the story from a substantially different perspective, that of a very talented rider slugging it out against top tier competitors.  I love to read them.    Dave

This last Saturday I went to Boise to race the last few races of the SICX race series. Unfortunately when woke up on Saturday morning I was feeling extremely sick, despite my stomach flu the desire to race made me throw caution and my health out the window. After the long 3.5 hour drive I arrived at Lucky Peak State Park just outside Boise. The course was extremely technical and compact there was only one section of pavement and it was about 0.2 miles long which was just long enough to open a gap or put the hurt on some of the other racers. Other than that it was a very European course with several switchbacks on an off camber decent (which proved to be too much for almost everyone in my race). 


When the race started there was a lot for bumping and shoving for the hole shot, (one kid tried to take my line and ended up getting wrapped up in my handlebars which unfortunately for him lead to him getting run over by the peloton) because most of us knew that if you weren't at the front of the race by the time we hit the off camber section your race was over. I came out of the first corner in 3rd place and waited until the off camber section to make my move. The grass was slick and if you weren't feeling confident you were going to crash hard. On the first decent 5 guys from my race slid out which gave me a little bit of a gap. Realizing this I kept the pressure on and continued to pound it. On the first lap I decided to ride the long sandpit instead of dismounting and running half of it. This was a great choice because I was the only one to do so. By the end of the first lap I had a small gap of about 15 seconds, but a chase group of 3 strong riders were getting organized to chase me down. My wife Allsion was running the pit for me and giving me my time gap on the chasers each time I passed her. Fortunately I was able to ride smart and not make any major mistakes. After riding the sandpit a few times I realized that it actually faster to run it than it was to ride it due to how much energy was required to ride it. With 2 laps to go my stomach flu caught up to me and my adrenaline started to wear off. Right before the last lap I had to get off my bike and throw-up, it was at that moment that I seriously considered throwing in the towel. But then I realized that all I had to do was suffer for about 8 more minutes and it would all be over. As I remounted I cursed myself for even considering dropping out of a race with this much of a lead. In the end I was able to suffer through my last lap and come home with another victory that I doubt I'll ever forget.


 Overall it was a fun race, not my favorite course but a good time regardless. The race was well supported and I even ran into a few guys from Victor. After I finished racing I decided that I had better not race the following day because I only got sicker overnight.


What I learned:

1. Cyclocross is a contact sport, and one must always be on the offensive side of the blow otherwise you will find yourself in the dirt.
2. Although you can ride a section, it doesn't mean that it's the fastest way to get through it i.e. the 200 ft section of sand.

3. Pavement is for drop no matter what

4. Tire pressure is critical to speed, and surviving a Euro off camber decent.

5. There ain't no shame in needing to stop and puke during a race haha


Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Morning Road Ride

You will all be a lot happier at the big Thanksgiving dinner with your relatives if you can get out and spin for a couple of hours before.  Nine a.m.  Sticks and Stones.  Dress Warm. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Utah State Cyclocross Champions

Yeah, that’s champions, plural.  Today’s UTCX race at the Weber County Fairgrounds in Ogden was designated as the Utah State Cyclocross Championship.  A big congratulations to both Carson and Kelton who won their respective age groups today and earned a state championship in the process.  Both boys prevailed in very competitive races, riding with a great deal of poise and confidence.  Tim had another great UTCX finish as well.  I mostly got my ass kicked, but it was still a fun day.

Tate's Stellar Season Continues

Tate won the Boise cross race again today in spite of being a little under the weather.  We hope to publish additional details soon.

The Ski Season is Upon Us

The Rendezvous Trail System in West Yellowstone is skiable now.  Don’t forget to take a look at our sister site, the Rexburg Ski Blog.



Sunday, November 17, 2013

The New Kelson Skinsuit

This is a great looking skinsuit. Get used to seeing it on the podium. Thanks to Heather for the photo. In some related news, after a long series of delays, the regular kit (bibs and jersey) is very close to delivery as well.

This is a Pretty Famous Picture

You have probably seen this on the Kelson page and elsewhere. Dawn poached it from Heather’s Facebook. This is where new bikes come from.

UTCX Halloween Cross 2012 at Wheeler Farm

I have been watching a few UTCX videos this morning.  You can Google up a number of UTCX videos on YouTube, mostly helmet-cam and mostly pretty rough.  There are also a number of better quality UTCX videos on Vimeo.  I decided to embed this one because I love Johnny Cash.
     Tim did the UTCX race in Kaysville yesterday in very difficult conditions (snow, mud, and wind) and reports that it was the most fun he has had at a race this year.

UTCX - Halloween 'Cross from Grizzly Adam on Vimeo.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Twin Falls Race Series. Thanks to Weston for This Info

Hey Dave, here’s something for the blog.



This looks to be the closest race series in the area for anyone who hasn’t fully satisfied their Cyclocross itch. The race schedule is as follows:

  • Race 1 - Oct 12, Frontier Park, TF
  • Race 2 - Nov 2, TF County Fairgrounds, Filer
  • Race 3 - Nov 16, Rock Creek Park, TF
  • Race 4 - Dev 7, Valley School, Hazelton
  • Race 5 - Dec 21, Thompson Park, TF
  • Race 6 - Jan 11, Rock Creek Park, TF

§  All kids races are free & adults are $10 per race

§  All race times are as follows:


10:30 am

Adult 30 minute

11:00 am

Adult 1 hour

12:00 am


One of the guys from Twin Falls was at BlueGoose last weekend and said this should be a fun series. With races going into January we could get some exciting races in the snow!


Weston Dunn 

"It never gets easier, you just go faster."

                                   ~Greg LeMond


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blue Goose Cyclocross - Idaho Falls

The inaugural Blue Goose Cyclocross is now history, but for one sunny afternoon in early November, Freeman Park in Idaho Falls made a nearly perfect venue for European style cyclocross.

The course itself circumnavigated the periphery of the park in a counter-clockwise fashion.  Owing to the park’s location along a bluff on the east bank of the Snake River, this led to plenty of off-camber left hand turns.  The course itself was defined by the usual perimeter tape and spray painted ground, but in many sections a path had been cleared through the blanket of Cottonwood leaves helping direct the racers through the course, and adding a degree of late fall “authenticity” to the event.  

A pretty good turnout

The start was a run-up past the south pavilion and from there turned quickly around trees and across the access road down to the river and then along the banks through a couple of short sand-pit sections.  The trail then snaked its way up along a creek bed before swinging high and then down again into a gully and across the creek bed (or alternately along a bridge) before turning north at the east edge of the park. 

Jeff - last lap!

Markings coming out of the gully were a bit confusing and once with my head down and hammering away I followed the white spray-painted trail off course, directly east, and had to make a looping course correction back to the next major obstacle – the BIG sand pit.

This pit was long, wide and deep enough that afterward I’m still trying to figure out what it’s used for when not intimidating cyclocross racers. (Tate reports it’s a sand volleyball court.) Fortunately, there was a straight run-up through the grass that let you pick up the speed before plowing through.  By the end I felt like I was carrying a shovel load of sand on my front wheel.

Tony in good form

The backside of the course moving west followed the tarmac trail allowing for some much needed rest, before dropping off again into some off camber S-turns. Then the course turned south again along the river before driving tightly uphill through the leaves and then down and up steeply once more to meet the three course barriers. 

Everyone had some trouble with these beasts as they were near the top of the hill and required that you keep pedaling right up to the brink.  Other than Tate who looked like he floated over these things, the rest of us had to renegotiate our attack strategy every lap.  Not only was the hill steep and the barriers closely spaced, but they were tall.  Tony’s assessment was that they came up to his chin.

Zach tearing it up

The good news was that after the barriers, it was a long downhill and then a couple of turns into the finish straightaway.  In the end we did seven laps, each about 1.4 miles, nearly 7 minutes per lap.  And like most CX races it was all out, all the time.

I wasn’t around for the earlier races, but the combined expert and master’s race was surprisingly deep for a first event.  One could wish for as good a turnout up at the Cube in the coming years.  It looked like the organizers were as surprised as anyone else at the popularity, and things can only get better as far as support goes in the future. 

Tate leaving everyone in his dust

Team Kelson had a good showing with Tate taking the overall first-place honors.  He went home with a very nice set of tubular tires.  Tony took third in a talented master’s field.  Zach and I did our best to stay ahead of the guys on mountain bikes and finished somewhere near the top end – but still out of sight of Tate’s finish.  Weston and Tate's friend Dave (his first cx race on a borrowed bike) also represented well from Rexburg.  Brian also deserves a shout-out for coming down to coach and cheer us all on.  In many ways he responsible for making all of us that much faster.  (I told him afterwards my Kelson is faster than I am).

All in all a great day, worthy venue and respectable effort by the race organizers putting together a well attended event.  Building on the long tradition of the Victor Velo group and the resurrected Cube, the Blue Goose rounds out a trifecta of southeast Idaho cyclocross that we’ll all look forward to racing in the future.

Stella loves cyclocross

Is It O.K. to Kill Cyclists?

 Copyright The New York Times

An sobering opinion piece in today's New York Times discusses the trivial or nonexistent penalties that drivers face in car-bicycle accidents.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The VeloNews Review of Wheelmen


I suspect that when it comes to Lance Armstrong, many people feel a lot like I do.  I can barely stand to read another word about Lance. Regardless of his crimes, maybe it is time to just leave him in peace.  But in many ways, his story is more compelling now than ever and we hang onto every new revelation and sordid detail. It is a multi-car pileup from which we cannot turn away. I will leave it up to you to choose whether to read the latest retelling of this great American tragedy, but I would highly recommend reading Steve Maxwell's review of the book which appears in VeloNews.com.  It provides a fine overview of the book and accounting of the situation.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dismount Like a Pro

Here is a very nice little how-to video to watch prior to the Blue Goose Cyclocross Race in Idaho Falls Saturday.  I am looking the window right now at some pretty nasty weather, but it should improve by Saturday. If anyone is interested in a little souvenir of the 2013 Cube, I have a few of the promotional posters left. If you would like one let me know.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Don't Forget the IF Cyclocross This Saturday

This will be the final cross race in our immediate area and I think it will be a good one.  We had a lot of good support from the Idaho Falls guys and Bill’s Bike Shop for the Cube. Hopefully, we can reciprocate.  Unfortunately, I will be working.  You can find additional information at their Facebook page (link below).  Here is one bit of advice for the organizers if it is not too late.  Combine the experienced and masters’ classes (start together, score separately).  I think it is unlikely that a first-year event will draw big enough numbers to necessitate the split.  But, I would love to be proven wrong. The success of all local cyclocross helps us all.

Here are the start times:
Noon 9-13 years (1 lap)
12:45 14-18 years (30 minutes)
1:30 Beginners (30 minutes)
2:15 Experienced (45 minutes)
3:15 Masters 45+ (45 minutes)




Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tate Wins in Caldwell

I think it’s fitting that Jeff has honored Tate today with a new banner photo on the blog. This is how cyclocross is done.  A lot of us really love cross, but I don’t think there is any question where the true talent lies. Winning and placing week after week in a variety of venues and against top tier competition is a monumental accomplishment.  Here is Tate’s race report:
Yesterday November 2, 2013 I had the opportunity to travel and race one of the Boise SICX races. I woke up early in the morning and left Rexburg at about 5:45 in the morning to be able to make it to Caldwell in time to race at 11:30. When I arrived at the course I was amazed at how many juniors and women they had show up to race. The racecourse was almost entirely on grass except for the start, which was on a 250 meter paved road. The most difficult part about the race was that it was on the side of a hill, which we had to go up and down 4 times per lap. The course had a lot of off camber tight turns, which is where I really noticed my new bikes braking abilities. I was able to go into corners hotter and faster than almost everyone else due to my bike’s superior braking ability. When the gun went off I had a flawless start, which allowed me to get the hole-shot. Once we reached the first corner I realized that I had been given a small gap. I did however hesitate for a few seconds because I didn’t know any of the racers or their skill level. However, this hesitation only lasted a few seconds until I decided to go for broke from the first minute of the race. Once I made my mind up to go I quickly realized that this course suited me very well, the corners were wide and the course profile was intense. I was the only racer of the day able to bunny hop the barriers which was a great time saver. In the end I was able to come home with a great victory on first race on my new Kelson Cyclocross bike. It was an extremely well organized event, unfortunately Boise isn’t exactly close to Rexburg but if you are ever in the area then I would highly recommend this race series to anyone. I know that I will defiantly be back at least one for time this year.  

Some Comments on Spooky Cross

Most of the things I can say about Spooky Cross are things that I have said before.  If you have never competed in a cyclocross race, you have missed an experience that defies an easy description.  Cyclocross is highly competitive and physically demanding but at the same time very accessible as participant sport.  In my opinion, only a handful of expert level cyclists have any business racing criteriums, but you can take the kids to a cross race. 

     Before you start to dismiss cyclocross as a little ride in the park for the kids and beginners, consider these numbers.  Jeff had his Garmin on yesterday at Spooky Cross.  For 45 minutes, his average heart rate was 169 and his maximum heart rate was 193.  I think of the cardiac stress tests that we do on the treadmill at the hospital.  They could not begin to touch this.  Cyclocross is full speed, full pain start to finish. 

     Conditions were good yesterday, a little bit muddy, but very rideable.  I am no big fan of mud, but it would not be a full value cross season without a little mud.  Kelton has about one more year before he can beat all of the adults.  Jeff had the top finish yesterday of the local riders.  When he passed me in about the third lap, I felt like it would give me a good opportunity to pace off of him, but that turned out to be pretty wishful thinking.

     I feel like we are at a point in time in which we have the opportunity to really promote cyclocross in Southeastern Idaho.  We are already looking forward to organizing the Cube next year.  Our hope is that along with an Idaho Falls race enhance the success of the Victor series.  I will be posting a reminder about the Idaho Falls race which is next Saturday.  I will be working, but I hope we can support their event.



Saturday, November 2, 2013

Spooky Cross

I'll let Dave fill in the details, but here are some pictures from an excellent Spooky Cross up in Victor.
Costume Race (L to R, the Dread Pirate Roberts, Spiderman and Moose CX)

Kelton and Tony hammering out at the start

Brian, Jeff and Dave rolling out

Oliver bringing up the pack

Jeff and Dave

Brian and Kelton


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Time for Spooky Cross

The guys in Victor brought cyclocross to Southeastern Idaho.  They did it first.  They still do it best.  Spooky Cross is this Saturday, the final race of the Victor series for 2013
10:30 AM – FREE Kids Race - one modified lap, costumes encouraged
11:00 AM – FREE Costume Race - 20 min - prizes for best costumes, all ages and abilities welcome
12:30 PM – 45 min Women and juniors will start 10 seconds after the men.
Women under 45
Women 45+
Men under 45
Men 45+
Men 55+ 
Male Juniors
Female Juniors