Sunday, January 19, 2014

" If there are bikes in hell, then this is the road we'll be riding into eternal damnation."

From A Guide to the Crusher in the Tushars by “Grizzly” Adam Lisonbee

     It’s the middle of January.  With roughly half the winter behind us and half remaining, it is a time that lends itself to a little reflection. During the winter, I realize that I have a finite number of really good years on the bike remaining (the same holds true for you regardless of your age) and it makes me appreciate the great season that we had last year more than ever. For now, it has been a long time since the roads have really been rideable (although they are improving) and I can barely force myself to get on the rollers.  So, I feel pretty fortunate to have gotten in a decent number of days running and skate skiing. But even when I have not been on the bike much, it does not mean I am not thinking about it. With the recent registration, the Crusher has been on my mind lately. If you have an interest in the Crusher, you may have already read Grizzly Adam’s Crusher guide. If not, I think you will enjoy it.

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